Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Demon Beat-"1956" Review

The Demon Beat, a band out of West Virginia, recently released their new album "1956", based around the life of Carl Perkins. After writing the song "Blue Suede Shoes", Perkins was involved in a crash that severely injured him, rendering him unable to promote the single. As he recovered from his injuries, Elvis covered the song, essentially stealing Perkins' fame.

This record features a completely different sound than The Demon Beat's previous album, "Shit, We're 23". Instead of fast-paced rock and roll, the band opted to try something new. The Demon Beat aren't a band that often fits inside one genre, but on "1956", you'd be hard-pressed to narrow their sound down to even three.

"1956" is composed of five tracks, named "Movement 1", "Movement 2", and so on. These songs flow in to each other seamlessly, often sounding like one big jam session. There's no way you'll hear any of these songs on the radio. But from the slow, pounding, drums of the first track to the blazing guitar of the fifth, you have forty minutes of great psychedelic rock that needs to be listened to all together; this is truly a complete album.

You can pick up "1956" by The Demon Beat here:

My Rating: 8.5/10